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Amazon Fire 7 HD Two Piece 5th, 7th and 9th Generation (2015, 2017 and 2019) Tablet Wall Mount

Amazon Fire 7 HD Two Piece 3D Printed Tablet Wall Mount

This mount fits perfect for the New Amazon Kindle Fire 7 with Alexa or the 2015 5th Generation Kindle Fire 7. You can securely place the tablet on to the case then easily snap the top cover to it. Works perfectly well with recessed wall mounts (not included) using only two screws to make your mounted tablet look more professionally installed. Optional, Right Angle Micro USB Cable 19 inches.

Note: Once you snap the top cover, you will not be able to access any buttons. This mount was designed to hide the buttons and cables and not made to quickly access the buttons. Please see our other mounts if you need the tablet buttons to be conveniently accessible.

These are made of PLA biodegradable plastic.

What's included:
  • Tablet Mount
  • 2 mounting screws
  • 4 wood screws

  • Right Angle Micro USB Cable 19 inches.

Fire 7 HD Mount: 9 inch x 5.6 inch x 0.69 inch (230 mm x 143 mm x 17 mm)

(Recessed Mounting Box, USB Outlet and USB cable are not included and for reference only)

Links for the products that are not included:

Recessed Mounting Box
USB Power Outlet

These are 3d printed mounts, most have very slight cosmetics imperfections due to the nature of how these are made. But will not interfere to its original purpose.
These are also made to order, which will alter delivery date depending on the quantities ordered.

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